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Storytellers Gala 2018

This Time Tomorrow Foundation (TTTF) had another big year. Our nonprofit cancer foundation was able to surprise more than 75 cancer patients with a Random Act of Kindness (RAK), which is up from 36 RAK visits in 2017. Another milestone this year, TTTF raised over $1.3 million in funds since the Foundation started in 2011 to support the RAK program.

Last November, TTTF held the 9th Annual Storytellers Concert and Gala fundraiser where the Foundation experienced another milestone. The annual gala included a silent auction and an amazing concert featuring the latest version of the song, “This Time Tomorrow.” This year the song was retired with a very special performance of TTTX by Candlebox and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Concert Chorale.

The Seattle rock band performed an intimate acoustic show on a rotating stage with hits including Change, Far Behind, You, and Cover Me. Later, the UW-Milwaukee Concert Chorale entered the ballroom holding flickering candles providing a surprising, intimate take of the tenth version of TTT. Guests were given one more special performance as CandleBox joined the Choral onstage for a truly memorable night.

Each year, the Storytellers Gala is an opportunity for z2 staff members to give back to those in need with non-billable contributions including event promotion, campaign creative, and public relations efforts. This helps the foundation be 100% volunteer-run and allows all money raised to go directly to families battling cancer.

Take a moment to watch the TTTF Random Acts of Kindness - PSA video that was shown to the sold out crowd at the 9th Annual Storytellers Gala.

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