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All About Dominic

Video producer, jetsetter and overall good human – meet tenured z2 superstar, Dominic Panico.

Who’s your have a doppelgänger?

Every time Adam Levine comes on TV for my nephew, he calls him Uncle Dom, and I am not gonna argue with a child. What’s your anthem right now? Mt. Washington - Local Natives What is the greatest challenge you've been faced with so far?

The daily personal struggle of always wanting to improve in your craft, but never thinking its good or happening fast enough.

You punch the clock at 5pm on Friday, where are you off to start your weekend?

If its the summer, hopefully hiking or paddle boarding. What was 10 year old you like?

Pretty much 25 year old me, without bills Do you have a mantra? Enlighten us!

I always try to keep in mind that nothing truly rewarding ever comes easy. We've seen the birth of the internet, cell phones, computers in our pockets and a black president in the last 25 years, what's the next big thing?

Whatever Elon Musk has his eye on. You have Wisco roots. You live and breathe cheese, #lakelife and Summerfest. What's the most 'Sconnie pastime for you?

Surviving every winter that is thrown at me.

Where is one place you’ve always wanted to go and/or where is your favorite place you’ve ever visited? I want to see the Pyramids

​I​f you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Francis Mallmann, Christopher Nolan, Jackie Chan

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