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Meet the Intern

Our fall intern John H. Wolfe IV began his stint at z2 in the beginning of October and has been dabbling in a little bit of everything each week. He is very excited for the coming months and challenges ahead.

John graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on advertising & public relations. His experience has been almost exclusively in the service and hospitality industries, which has enabled him to use that frame of mind to see different perspectives than most. Along with his education, the love John has of helping guests and clients has led him into the advertising industry.

His favorite part of undergrad was creating actual ad campaigns; both commercial and non-profit. The role he felt most comfortable in was account services. “I enjoy being involved in a lot of things at once and trying to prioritize different projects simultaneously,” John says. “Leading brainstorming sessions and guiding the team along the path to completion was the most fulfilling thing for me.” He hopes to be able to fill a similar role at an agency in the near future.

John’s family moved around a lot when he was growing up, so he had to adjust to a lot of different scenarios and people throughout his life. He definitely considers that an advantage now because it forced him to develop very strong interpersonal skills as a result. Currently, John is the only person in his family who lives in Wisconsin. Even as wanderlust tries to take over, he says he is partial to Wisconsin due to the incredible kindness of the people and the strong sports culture.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for his personal interests, sports are definitely atop the list of favorites. College football, basketball, NFL, MLB, NBA and even a little soccer here and there all garner John’s attention over the course of the year. “Badger and Packer football take priority over everything though,” he says. He also enjoys binging on television series, spending time with his lovely girlfriend, and sampling various bourbons and beers in his free time.

Welcome to z2, John!

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