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z2 Retreat 2016

Each year our fearless leaders, Deb and Cory, take the whole team on an overnight retreat at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa for fun-filled team-building and team-bonding activities. This year, we had a few surprises.

The morning started off with several team-building exercises and ended with a build-your-own pizza competition. We split into teams to create our own pizzas and come up with a branding plan for our very own pizza businesses. The catch – one person on each team had to be blind-folded while another walked them through picking the ingredients.

After more team-building, brainstorming, competitions and some pool time, the team was told to meet promptly at 5:30 for dinner. We were then surprised with a trolley ride down to the lake where a boat awaited our arrival.

We took the boat around Lake Geneva while enjoying drinks, dinner, dessert and an informative tour of many of the lake properties. The boat ride was the perfect way to end such a beautiful, sunny day.

After the boat ride, we had a nightcap by the bonfire and several z2 team members participated in a little dance-off session. Overall we had an inspiring experience and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

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