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Were the Super Bowl commercials really that bad?

The z2 team looks forward to Super Bowl commercials every year - ads are part of what we do after all! We wanted to do a blog post about each team member's favorite commercial after the 50th anniversary game. After some discussion however, we felt that most ads fell short and did not meet our high expectations. But delving further into this dilemma, isn't this how we feel every year? Our expectations are so high that more often than not, these commercials disappoint us. Although there were many quality spots (exception: #puppymonkeybaby), society now has such a high standard for Super Bowl commercials that we just aren't as entertained by them as we used to be.

This made us think about other ways society has such a strong hold on us. Technology comes to mind. We have become so immersed in our smart phones and wanting everything now, now, now, that the average adult attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. Seriously! Eight seconds is the average amount of time we can hold one train of thought. Just something to noodle over the next eight seconds.

So, we decided to take a step back, think for a little bit longer than eight seconds, and look at the meaning behind some of these spots. Here’s a roundup of ten ads that made us think, or laugh, from the 2016 game, in no particular order.

1. Strong is Beautiful - Pantene Do-Dad:

2. Winter Stampede - Heinze Ketchup:

7. Restricted Bling - T-Mobile:

8. Brotherly Love - Coca-Cola:

9. Hold Your Breath - SunTrust:

10. Super Bowl Babies Choir - NFL:

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