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Logline: SEND IT
“There’s times when that logical judgement is saying no man, you probably shouldn’t do that – but then you’ve got that little tiny voice saying, c’mon dude, send it.”

A group of adventure guides navigate dangerous terrain to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests from around the world. Their bigger-than-life personalities will lure you in, but their expertise could save your life.


Sizzle Reel


Each week, the risk-taking leader of the adventure guides preps his team as a new group of clients get ready to take on dangerous, challenging terrain.  Whether it’s navigating ATVs on a cliff face with no guide rails or careening down rock-strewn mountain paths on a mountain bike, they challenge each guest to push the limits of what they thought they could do. Each experience is as unique as the guide’s quirky personality. Every guest, every guide is ready to “send it.”


But sometimes things go too far. That’s when the team jumps into pro-mode to help rescue and care for injured guests stuck out on the mountain far from medical help.


While the adventure guides operate together like a well-oiled machine, their relationships are put to the test. Daily interactions with each other and guests bring tension to an already dangerous environment.

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